O level Chemistry Topical Notes

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Experimental Chemistry

Atomic Structure and Stiochiometry

  • Kinetic Particle Theory
  • Atomic Structure
  • Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical Formula
  • Balancing Equations
  • Mole Concept

Chemistry of Reactions​


  • The Periodic Table
  • Metals

  • The Atmosphere and Environment

Organic Chemistry​

  • Fuels and Crude Oil
  • Alkanes
  • Alkenes
  • Alcohols
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Macromolecules

Syllabus Objectives Checklist

Knowing the learning objectives is the first step in acing Chemistry. Master the essential concepts and apply them confidently to interesting Chemistry questions.

Topical syllabus objectives checklists are available here for your self-assessment. Download and print each checklist. Conduct self assessment while you revise. Put a tick against objectives that you can say ‘I CAN DO IT’ confidently. For those without tick, revise again. Your aim is to have all the objectives met.


Need guidance in O level Chemistry?

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  1. Qualified and Experienced O level Chemistry Tutor Singapore
    – Ministry of Education Teaching Award Recipient, 2007
    – Bachelor of Science, Second Class Honours (Upper) in Chemistry and
    Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University, 2011
    –  Post-graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore, 2012
    – Trained by Teaching Experts from Massachusetts and California in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme
    – Years of teaching experience in government schools and one-to-one tuition
  2. Concise and Clear Chemistry lessons
    Lessons will be structured and well-paced. Detailed and well-organised notes will be provided. Important concepts and common mistakes will be highlighted. The resources prepared by Ms Tara Puah are well curated and precise. Additional practice questions in the notes further reinforce the students’ understanding in Chemistry concepts.
  3. Convenient location
    8 minutes walk from Pasir Ris MRT
  4. Small Class Size
    Small class group size of less than 5 allows interaction with all students and effective students’ participation.
  5. Before/After lesson individual consultation
    Ms Tara schedules the timing such that students will have ample time to clarify individual doubts before or after lesson.


Ms Puah is a patient teacher. Despite starting my chemistry tuition late, she never once gave up on me. Her teaching is clear and easily understandable. With every lesson, i get to understand the once complicated chemistry concepts better. Ms Puah helped me relate better to the chemistry ideas through interesting stories and acronyms. She specially took out time which she was not obliged to to ensure that all my doubts were answered. She put in extra effort to make sure that her lessons are enjoyable although we were running out of time. Whenever a certain chemistry concept slip out of my mind, her notes are always my go-to. Ms Puah’s notes are consolidated such that it covers the crucial facts and even contains important tips to answer every question. Ms Puah is a caring teacher whom teaches her students the necessary information required to ace every paper. Despite knowing her just a few months ago, she has taught me things far beyond the textbook and is definitely a trustable adult every student can confide in.

Jiayi O level Pure Chemistry 2017 A2 – Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Before I started having lessons with Ms Puah, Chemistry was a subject I had trouble understanding, and hence disliked. However, Ms Puah’s Chemistry lessons are lessons I always look forward to, and they helped me develop an interest in Chemistry. During the first few lessons I had with Ms Puah, she made sure to go through thoroughly the first few chapters of the textbook with me, explaining to me that those were important chapters that make up the foundation of Chemistry. This helped me a lot when I started learning other chapters. Ms Puah explains every point with patience, and always ensures to clear any doubts I have. She also goes the extra mile to teach me knowledge outside of the textbook, allowing me to further understand certain Chemistry ideas. The handouts provided by Ms Puah are detailed and concise at the same time, hence they are great for my understanding as well as revision. She has been a great help throughout my Chemistry journey.

Rebecca Lai (O level Pure Chemistry 2017) A1 – Anderson Secondary School

Ms Puah has very strong teaching skills. She is able to explain key concepts in a clear and memorable way. She always elaborates more that’s out of syllabus, either to completely explain or help us better understand the Chemistry concepts. Ms Puah ‘s lessons were engaging and interesting. She also taught us interesting tricks to help us remember chemical trends. The notes that she provides were very useful. This was especially so when I was revising for tests or exams. The notes prepared had focused on all the important contents and they were all presented in a very clear and easy-to-understand format. There were several useful examples on the notes that were not available in the textbook. These examples helped me in my revision. Ms Puah is a very sweet and approachable teacher. She was willing to answer the students’ queries. I learnt from Ms Puah that passing or scoring distinction in exam is not the ultimate goal of studying Chemistry – the built up of passion in Chemistry is much more important than mechanical practising.

Wei Yingyuan (O level Chemistry A1 2014) – Sembawang Secondary School

Ms Puah provided us with good chemistry notes. The notes were very useful as they were very detailed and relevant to our exams. Ms Puah was willing to teach beyond textbook. She made chemistry fun for her students. She was well prepared for lessons and was willingly to spend time to explain our questions, regardless of how ridiculous the questions were. She never lose her temper at us if we were slow in understanding the concepts. She always tries her best. Ms Puah also provided useful feedback to her students to help us improve. Ms Puah is one of the best teachers I know. She is funny, engaging, patient and kind. She knows when to be strict. She was willing to go the extra mile to guide us in Chemistry.

Javier Ng Zhang Yue (O level Chemistry A2 2014) – Sembawang Secondary School

Ms Puah is patient and she would try her best to answer our doubts to the max of her capabilities. Whenever I needed help in Chemistry, I could ask her without the fear of wondering if it was a ‘suitable’ question. She used vast amount of visual aids in her lessons – these aids helped me grasp abstract concepts. The notes that Ms Puah prepared were useful. She was able to ‘translate’ confusing chemistry concepts into words that are understandable, in the sense, ‘digestible’. Ms Puah is a kind and helpful teacher who puts the needs of her students before hers. There are a lot of values that I have learnt from her. I truly respect her as she was willing to take time off her busy schedule for her students. She also motivated us to achieve our academic goals and provided advice in making the right decisions. The fact that her career is to teach students is true without a doubt.

Felicia Heng Kai Xin (O level Chemistry B3 2014) – Sembawang Secondary School

Ms Puah is well-prepared for her lessons. The notes that she prepared for her students are very detailed and useful. Ms Puah’s lessons were fun and enjoyable. She made the class laugh time to time at her jokes. Her teaching intrigued us into learning Chemistry. Ms Puah taught me the importance of perseverance and having the undying will to strive for better results. She also taught me about patience. She never gives up on her students regardless of weak we were in Chemistry. She puts her students’ learning as her priority.

Austen Poh Yu Heng (O level Chemistry B3 2014) – Sembawang Secondary School

Need guidance in O level Chemistry?

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