Self Assessment Checklist – Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

Knowing the learning objectives is the first step in acing Chemistry. Master the essential concepts and apply them to interesting Chemistry questions confidently. Topical syllabus objective checklists are available here for your self-assessment. These checklists are based on Cambridge O-level Syllabus. Conduct self assessment when you revise. Tick against objectives that you can confidently say ‘I Can Do It’. Revise objectives that you are unsure of. Knowing what you need to know builds confidence in tackling questions. 

Work hard. Work smart. All the best. 

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Self Assessment Checklist - Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

  I can do this!
aDefine an element.
bDefine a compound.
cDefine a mixture.
dDescribe the differences between elements, compounds and mixtures.
eUsing a Periodic Table, identify the name of element given its symbol and vice versa.
fDeduce the formula of a simple compound from the relative numbers of atoms present and vice versa.
gCompare the properties of metals, non-metals and metalloids.
hDefine an atom.
iDefine a molecule.
jDescribe thermal decomposition and electrolysis as the chemical processes to decompose a compound.
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