Syllabus Objectives – Carboxylic Acids

Carboxylic Acids I can do this!
(a) Describe the carboxylic acids as an homologous series containing the –CO2H group.  
(b) Draw the structures of carboxylic acids methanoic acid to butanoic acid and name the unbranched acids, methanoic acid to butanoic acid.  
(c) Describe the carboxylic acids as weak acids, reacting with carbonates, bases and some metals.  
(d) Describe the formation of ethanoic acid by the oxidation of ethanol by atmospheric oxygen or acidified potassium manganate(VII).  
(e) Describe the reaction of a carboxylic acid with an alcohol to form an ester, e.g. ethyl ethanoate.  
(f) State some commercial uses of esters, e.g. perfumes; flavourings; solvents.