Syllabus Objectives – Fuels and Crude Oil

Self Assessment Checklist

Fuels and Crude Oil I can do this!
(a) Name natural gas, mainly methane, and petroleum as sources of energy.  


Describe petroleum as a mixture of hydrocarbons and its separation into useful fractions by fractional distillation.  
(c) Name the following fractions and state their uses  
(i) petrol (gasoline) as a fuel in cars,  
(ii) naphtha as the feedstock and main source of hydrocarbons used for the production of a wide range of organic compounds in the petrochemical industry,  
(iii) paraffin (kerosene) as a fuel for heating and cooking and for aircraft engines,  
(iv) diesel as a fuel for diesel engines,  
(v) lubricating oils as lubricants and as a source of polishes and waxes,  
(vi) bitumen for making road surfaces.  
(d) Describe the issues relating to the competing uses of oil as an energy source and as a chemical feedstock.