Syllabus Objectives- The Periodic Table

Self Assessment Checklist

The Periodic Table I can do this!
(a) Describe the Periodic Table as an arrangement of the elements in the order of increasing proton (atomic) number.  
(b) Describe how the position of an element in the Periodic Table is related to proton number and electronic structure.  
(c) Describe the relationship between group number and the ionic charge of an element.  
(d) Explain the similarities between the elements in the same group of the Periodic Table in terms of their electronic structure.  
(e) Describe the change from metallic to non-metallic character from left to right across a period of the Period Table.  
(f) Describe the relationship between group number, number of valency electrons and metallic/non-metallic properties.
(g) Predict the properties of elements in Group I and Group VII using the Periodic Table.