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O Level Chemistry Online Resources

Experimental Chemistry

Topic: Measurement and Experimental Design

Topic: Purification

Topic: Qualitative Analysis

Atomic Structure and Stiochiometry​

Topic: Kinetic Particle Theory

Topic: Atomic Structure

Topic: Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

Topic: Chemical Bonding

Topic: Chemical Formula

Topic: Balancing Equations

Topic: Mole Concept

Chemistry of Reactions​

Topic: Electrolysis

Topic: Energy Changes

Topic: Redox

Topic: Speed of Reaction

Topic: Acids and Bases


Topic: Salts Preparation

Topic: Ammonia


Topic: The Periodic Table

Topic: Metals


Topic: The Atmosphere and Environment

Organic Chemistry​

Topic: Fuels and Crude Oil

Topic: Alkanes

Topic: Alkenes

Topic: Alcohols

Topic: Carboxylic Acids

Topic: Macromolecules

Before I started having lessons with Ms Puah, Chemistry was a subject I had trouble understanding, and hence disliked. However, Ms Puah’s Chemistry lessons are lessons I always look forward to, and they helped me develop an interest in Chemistry. During the first few lessons I had with Ms Puah, she made sure to go through thoroughly the first few chapters of the textbook with me, explaining to me that those were important chapters that make up the foundation of Chemistry. This helped me a lot when I started learning other chapters. Ms Puah explains every point with patience, and always ensures to clear any doubts I have. She also goes the extra mile to teach me knowledge outside of the textbook, allowing me to further understand certain Chemistry ideas. The handouts provided by Ms Puah are detailed and concise at the same time, hence they are great for my understanding as well as revision. She has been a great help throughout my Chemistry journey. Rebecca, Anderson Secondary School. O Level Chemistry Tuition.
Testimonial Rebecca Anderson Secondary School
Ms Puah is a patient teacher. Despite starting my chemistry tuition late, she never once gave up on me. Her teaching is clear and easily understandable. With every lesson, I get to understand the once complicated chemistry concepts better. Ms Puah helped me relate better to the chemistry ideas through interesting stories and acronyms. She specially took out time which she was not obliged to to ensure that all my doubts were answered. She put in extra effort to make sure that her lessons are enjoyable although we were running out of time. Whenever a certain chemistry concept slip out of my mind, her notes are always my go-to. Ms Puah’s notes are consolidated such that it covers the crucial facts and even contains important tips to answer every question. Ms Puah is a caring teacher whom teaches her students the necessary information required to ace every paper. Despite knowing her just a few months ago, she has taught me things far beyond the textbook and is definitely a trustable adult every student can confide in. Thank you Ms Puah!! Jiayi, Chung Cheng High School Yishun. O Level Chemistry Tuition.
Testimonial Jiayi Chung Cheng High Yishun

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