I Can Do Chemistry provides O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. All Chemistry tuition classes are conducted personally by Chemistry tuition teacher, Ms Tara Puah.

Why choose I Can Do Chemistry?

Qualified and Experienced O Level Chemistry Tuition Teacher Singapore

– Bachelor of Science, Second Class Honours (Upper) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University

Cert NTU WaterMark.jpeg

–  Post-graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore

Cert NTU NIE WaterMark.jpeg

– Perfect A-Level Score with Distinction in Math, Chemistry and Physics.

– Ministry of Education Teaching Award Recipient

ICanDoChemistry, Ms Tara Puah, Recipient of Teaching Award 2007
ICanDoChemistry, Ms Tara Puah
Teaching Award Recipient

– Trained by Teaching Experts from Massachusetts and California in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme

– Years of teaching experience in government schools and secondary level chemistry tuition

Class 3
Class 1
Class 5
Class 4

Small Tuition Class Size

Small tuition class size allows interaction with all students and effective students’ participation.

Concise and Clear O Level Chemistry classes

Ms Tara Puah conducts all her O Level Chemistry tuition classes personally.

Lessons will be structured, with concept delivery and provision of tips on retention and consolidation of content.

Well-organised notes will be provided to her students. Additional practice questions in the notes further reinforce the students’ understanding in Chemistry concepts. Many students reflected that Ms Tara’s revision notes are very useful when they revise for examinations.

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Commonly asked questions

Q. What does I Can Do Chemistry specialise in?
I Can Do Chemistry specialises in Secondary Chemistry Tuition, Singapore.

Q. Is this a group tuition or 1-to-1 tuition?
Group tuition.

Q. Are you the person conducting the classes or do you engage other tutors to do that?
Ms Tara Puah, the founder of I Can Do Chemistry, will conduct all lessons personally.

Q. What is the schedule?
Ms Tara has just welcomed her second child into her family. She will be unable to conduct lessons for the time being. She wishes the best to all students. 

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