O level Chemistry Tuition by Ms Tara

I Can Do Chemistry provides O level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

Why Choose I Can Do Chemistry?

Qualified and Experienced O Level Chemistry Tuition Teacher Singapore

  • Honours in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore
  • Ministry of Education Teaching Award Recipient
  • Trained by Teaching Experts from Massachusetts and California in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme
  • Years of teaching experience in government schools and tuition

O level Chemistry Tuition

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Ms Tara has stopped conducting lessons. To continue to help students, she uploads Chemistry lessons on her YouTube Channel and provides free Chemistry Resources Online.

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A level Chemistry Tuition

For JC students, find out more about A level, H2 Chemistry classes conducted by experienced and dedicated ex-MOE Chemistry Tutor, Mr Maverick Puah.