How to separate immiscible liquids| Separating Funnel| Separation Methods| [Online Video]

In this video, we will focus on separation of immiscible liquids using separating funnel.

Separating funnel

We use a separating funnel to separate immiscible liquids. One very common example of immiscible liquids is the mixture of oil and water. When we allow the mixture to rest after mixing, the mixture eventually separates into distinct layers of liquids.

In case you are wondering what is miscibility of liquids, click here.

Let’s take a look at the set up for separation of immiscible liquid.

The main apparatus is separating funnel. We use a retort stand to support this funnel.

The part where we use to control the flow of liquid is called ‘tap’. It is important to ensure that the tap is closed when you pour the mixture into the separating funnel to prevent unnecessary run out of liquid. We will then pour in the mixture of oil and water.

When we allow the mixture to rest, we will see two distinct layers of liquid. The yellow liquid is oil while the blue liquid is water. Oil floats on water because it has a lower density than water. Then, we will place a clean beaker below the separating funnel.

Open the tap to allow the bottom layer, which is water, to drain into the beaker. Before all the water runs out, we should close the tap. This is to avoid contamination of water by accidental run out of the oil into the beaker. Place another beaker below the funnel. Allow the remaining amount of water and little amount of oil to flow into the beaker. We do not want this mixture. Dispose. Place another clean beaker below the funnel. Now, the funnel contains only oil. We allow all the liquid to flow out of the funnel and into the beaker.

Tada, we have successfully separated the mixture of oil and water. Now you know how to separate a mixture of immiscible liquids. What about miscible liquids? Check out this video for the separation of miscible liquids using fractional distillation.

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