Why do atoms form bonds? [Online Video]

In this Chemistry learning video, we will find out why atoms form bonds, and we will go through a brief introduction on the formation of covalent and ionic bonds.

Why do atoms form bonds?

Atoms of elements form bonds because they do not have fully filled valence shells. They want to achieve the electronic configuration of a noble gas.

Why are noble gases chemically stable?

Noble gases are chemically stable because they have fully filled valence shell. Helium has 2 outermost electrons, hence, it has duplet electronic configuration. Atoms of other noble gases have eight valence electrons, hence, they have octet electronic configuration.

Atoms of elements that are not in Group VIII/0 achieve the electronic configuration of a noble gas by forming ionic bond or covalent bond.

Covalent bond

If the elements are non-metals, the atoms of the non-metals will share electrons, resulting in the formation of covalent bonds.

Ionic bond

If the elements are both metals and non-metals, the atom of metal will lose its outermost electrons and donates it to atom of non-metal.

After bonding, each atom attains the noble gas electronic configuration.

Do note, only the outermost electrons are involved in the formation of bonds.

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